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Residential Painting Brisbane

10 years of incredible painting in residential and commercial projects

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Professional Painting Service

Whatever your residential painting needs, we do it all. From houses to apartments and lofts –  the sky is the limit. We’re your number one choice for painters. You won’t need to disrupt your schedule if we’re on the job. We’ll paint at a time convenient for you, your family, or your business. We’ll the get the job done on time so you can use your residential space as soon as possible. Your satisfaction with the job we do is our number one priority.

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Quality and Experience

We’re the best in the business due to our years of experience. We know what it takes to deliver excellent and high quality painting for all our job sites. Everyone on our team checks to make sure the quality is up to standard and then some. All the paints we use and suggest for you are especially chosen because of their durability and lasting good looks. We can even help you choose paints that give off the least odour. All you need to worry about is choosing the colour you want. If unsure about what paints or what colours to pick, we can help you choose. We can tell you what looks best for whatever space you want painted.

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In-house Painting Consultants and Decorators

If you’re looking for more environmentally-sound choices in paints, leave the research to us and we can give you suggestions on which paints are right for you. Our clients have not been let down by choosing us as their painters. If you need suggestions on how to decorate your newly-painted space, our in-house decorators can give you their professional advice so you can get the most out of your newly-painted areas. Not only are we professionals with painting, we are skilled in choosing the best décor for whatever space you need.


  • 10 Years Experience in the Industry
  • We use the BEST products available
  • We can provide Interior & Exterior decorating if required
  • Great attention to detail
  • We take pride in our work and our customers love us for it
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Featured Services

We can turn any residential space we paint into a thing of beauty. From large to modest homes, downtown apartments to chic lofts, we paint them all.

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Exterior Residential Painting Services

Whatever shape your home is or however high, we’ll make it work. We’ve got the special tools needed to get any exterior painting job done. Our tools will help us to get the best looking finish while doing the job with speed. We do our best to leave little in the way of messes when painting exterior areas so as not to harm the environment outdoors. With the rise in exterior colour paint technology, you won’t have to stick to boring old colours anymore. You can choose whatever colours you desire for your exterior areas.

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Interior Residential Painting Services

We have the power to transform the interior of your home with just a few layers of paint. We will consult with you first to make sure your interior residential painting needs will be met to the full. We can discuss the colours you have chosen and their application. We will give attention to the tiniest detail to get the job done properly and beautifully. We will apply the needed coat or coats as fast as the job requires so that you can get back to decorating and using your newly-painted space.

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No Fuss Preparation And Easy Cleanup

Once you hire us, we will discuss the options for preparing the space for painting. If you want certain holes filled before painting, let us know so that we can fill the holes and sand them down and make it look as if the holes were never there. We will prepare the areas that we will paint so that there will be no paint splashed on the floors or other areas where paint shouldn’t be. Once the job is done, we will clean up after ourselves so all you have to do is move in and enjoy your newly painted surroundings!